The Journey Saga

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The Gods are restless...
The Ascendancy is near...
The oracles of Serapis have predicted the coming of a great war, a war that will imbalance the cosmos and turn gods against each other and against humanity.
Spirits will flee the Nether Realms and Immortals will become as powerful as the gods.
But the Prophecy of Ptah predicts that Tefenon, a powerful Kemetite Prince, and Joval, a ruthless Kushite mercenary, will restore order to the cosmos. Together they will bring forth the Rising, a movement back towards the gods of Ra's Pantheon. And the Rising will set in motion the inevitable Ascendancy, an endless cycle of Birth, Death, and Rebirth.
Welcome to the Journey Saga...


About Kandake

Kandake E. Brockington is an author, born in Oakland, California. She has been writing since childhood, though Journey through Darkness: Book I of the Journey Saga, is her first published novel.

For many years she has studied English and Anthropology as a double degree student at San Jose State University where her passion for mythology and different cultures flourished.

In an attempt to revitalize African mythology and culture for an international audience, she set out to create the Journey Saga, an ambitious series chronicling the various journeys of heroes and gods all in search of greater purpose or enlightenment. Much like the Iliad, the Odyssey, or even the Arabian Nights, the Journey Saga is adventurous, dark, and romantic—yet it will feel like nothing you’ve ever read before.

The saga centers on several crucial characters: Tefenon, a courageous prince with a mysterious past and a startling future; Joval, a fearless enforcer overcoming personal demons, Kayin, a vicious half-god determined to challenge a pantheon of gods; and Azende, a humble tribesman fighting to save his people from oppression.

Years of research and education have contributed to this thrilling piece of literature that will challenge its readers to view the African continent in a brand new way.

 The journey begins with the first novel Journey through Darkness published 2010 and continues with the sequel Journey of the Damned coming 2015.