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Understanding the Journey Saga

Posted by Kandake E. Brockington on July 29, 2010 at 12:21 PM

Journey of the Damned is going well. I've been writing diligently every day even when some days I can only fit in 30 minutes into my hectic schedule. My biggest challenge is rewriting it because the original first draft no longer applies due to changes I have made to plots and the story line, so I am literally rewriting the book over from scratch.


The format for JOTD will be similar to JTD and divided into three parts:

Part I: Present Day

Part II: Three years Ago

Part II: Present Day


I won't include any spoilers here, but I will say that JOTD Part I immediately picks up from JTD Part III in the first novel. That chapter is short and serves as an introduction to the current conflict as a result of the rising Aksumite Empire.


Part II will go back three years to the situation in Kemet and Kush before the Aksumite occupation and will be told from the third-person perspectives of General Joval and her rogue Medjays: Naji, Dhadja, Kysen, Nekau, Rangi, and Osirri. 


Part III will go back to the current conflict of dealing with the ongoing Aksumite occupation that will set up the next novel Book III Journey through the Silent Land (JTSL).


I can say that JOTD will probably be a little longer than JTD only because the remaining books of the saga are not broken up into 3 parts so I have to complete the story-within-a-story in Journey of the Damned. The reason why I have done that for the first two novels is to allow readers insight into what led to the Aksumite occupation and the Ascendancy.


JTSL and the novels following the third book will not go back into the past . They will all address the current Aksumite occupation and the war of the gods.


New Characters to look out for in Journey of the Damned::

Kayin, the Lord of the Slaughter

Tiharqo, Kayin's eldest son

Syene, the Phoenix Guardian

White Antelope, Shamaness of the White Antelope Clan

Chione, Amazon queen of the White Antelope Clan



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Reply Janna
8:47 PM on August 31, 2011 
It's really helpful that you take the time to explain the complex story line for people like me that are so unfamiliar with foreign names and concepts. For many American readers, I imagine some aspects of your saga will be totally unfamiliar territory. Good job of laying the foundation for future adventures and drama--action--action--action!